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GoDaddy Product Showcase: Tips to Boost Your Business with Social Media

Earlier this week we hosted our first product showcase. In this session, we talked about the latest news on how using social media establishes and increases your business's brand awareness and keeps your customers informed, which in turn leads to more sales, traffic, and leads. Our product team shared tips and showcased our latest features for our Websites + Marketing website builder to:


  • Create professional, eye-catching social media content
  • Plan and publish posts on the platforms that matter
  • Boost your posts to increase reach and performance



If you missed the live event, you can watch it here:




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A little more about Sarah


Sarah Milbrath is a Director of Product Marketing for GoDaddy working on do-it-yourself and do-it-for-you marketing features and solutions for small businesses. Outside of work Sarah enjoys spending time with her two miniature Australian shepherds, practicing yoga, and doing anything outdoors that involves sunshine and water.



A little more about Andy


Andy Moore is a Senior Product Manager at GoDaddy working on our do-it-yourself and do-it-for-you paid advertising features. Andy has worked at GoDaddy for over 8 years, and has worked in several different departments including customer success, people operations and content. Outside of work Andy enjoys being outdoors hiking, playing golf or basketball, and throwing the Aerobie.



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