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How to Proactively Communicate Your Value for Business Success - GoDaddy Virtual Meetup

Last week we had a great meetup with with Adam Griggs, CEO & Founder of Adam helped us learn more about How to Proactively Communicate Your Value for Business Success. Adam shared some great insights and information. Here's a little of what the session covered:


  • What are the success indicators used most often in small business
  • How to simplify your data with visual tools
  • How to train your team is to be good communicators and resilient
  • How to pivot proactively together
  • How setting and communicating expectations will help to achieve your vision


If you missed the live event with Adam, you can watch it here:




Adam's Links




A little more about Adam:

Adam is the CEO & Founder of a software communication platform for small business owners.


Adam has been involved in small business development and risk management since 2008. Helping owners strategize and build proactively through ups & downs, while helping build teams to elevate, perpetuate & protect the entrepreneurial dream.


Adam's personal goal is to enhance the lives of those we touch by leveraging current relationships with creative openings that will lead new possibilities.



Our next Virtual Meetup will occur on  Wednesday, February 17th, from 10 am -11 am (Pacific Time). Brett Farmiloe, Founder & CEO at Markitors, will present Learn How to Do Technical SEO for Your Small Business. You can register for the event here!



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