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    Bulk Email sending

    Go Daddy O365 - Email essentials.


    Within 2 days I have already been blacklisted for bulk sending email (Mail Shoot) is there a service or feature to allow sending mail shoots as this is a business class email service?

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    GoDaddy Pro Accomplished
    GoDaddy Pro Accomplished

    Re: Bulk Email sending

    Hi Hmmm,


    I would of proposed using GoDaddy's e-mail marketing services however I'm assuming you use purchased or harvested e-mail lists?


    If the quality of your e-mail list itself is poor you will get blacklisted either way due to high bounce rates.


    In regards to ways of sending bulk e-mails there are many services around the web, there's a lot of e-mail marketing software around too.


    Have a search on google.com


    Hope this helps.