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    Can't login to office365

    Dearl all,


    I'm a new user from Croatia, can't login to office365. Chat agents are offline, can't find any solution. Reset link doesn't work. Help!

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    Re: Can't login to office365

    Hello niksalovrinic,

      Sorry to hear about the issues with logging in to your Office 365 email. I have a few suggestions that may help you proceed forward. 


    Firstly, Be sure to reset your email password through your main GoDaddy account.

    1. Go to https://mya.godaddy.com and sign-in to your GoDaddy account.

    2. Go to the EMAIL & OFFICE row and click Manage

    3. Click the ">" symbol to the right of the email you would like to update the password for

    4. Click the Password box

    5. Update your password ensuring you have met the required password criteria and click Save


    After this has been completed please go to https://outlook.office365.com and attempt sign in to your email by submitting the entire email address as the username and your new password.


    If the above does not solve the issue please contact our 24/7 customer support line so that our representative may further research the issue. 


    Hope this helps!



    Getting an erroe when signing in

    I am having trouble signing in to my email accoiunt. It just says received bad request. Can anyone help? Thanks