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    Display name on O365

    How can I change the display name that is added to an email when I send it? 

    Somehow the system is adding my full name, but I want to use a company name instead.


    Have tried via the O365 login, and via the GoDaddy O365 management console, but to no avail...

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    Re: Display name on O365

    Your display name in Office 365 is the name that will appear in the "From" field when you send emails.

    To change your email display name through your GoDaddy account:

    1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
    2. Find Email & Office and click Manage.
    3. Click the gear icon to open the Setup page.
    4. In Display Name, enter the name you want to display.
    5. Click Save changes.

    Let me know if that helps!! If it does please give me a thumbs up!


    Re: Display name on O365

    Same problem.

    Tried saving it 3 times and yet it continues to display the original set up name. Is it a cache issue.

    Second part to question is how do I add a signature to body each time I begin a new email




    Re: Display name on O365

    I am having the same issue. Cannot seem to fix it


    Re: Display name on O365

    I have tried changing both the display name and my full name but neither has updated when I send a test email. Does this just take a certain amount of time to switch over?