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    Help Menu Change email password in GoDaddy Office 365

    No chevorn (settings) on screen. Great.

    Can't change the password that was already correct when I attempted to login to begin with.Lots of sales prompts though. Exasperated !!!!! 

    GoDaddy needs to fix this now and stop trying to force customers into additional products. Enough already.

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    GoDaddy Pro Trusted Advisor
    GoDaddy Pro Trusted Advisor

    Re: Help Menu Change email password in GoDaddy Office 365

    Hello @Tax99


    Try this https://uk.godaddy.com/help/change-an-email-password-9270


    or this https://uk.godaddy.com/help/send-a-password-reset-email-to-myself-19221


    I hope it will help you.

    Good luck.

    Smiley Happy

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