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    Office 365 Group changes not propagating to Sharepoint Group

    I have an Office 365 Group called 'ST Supervisors' and a private Sharepoint site (of the same name) where access is granted via the Office 365 Group. Normally when adding someone to the Office 365 Group, I go to the Sharepoint site and also add them there via the 'Members' link in the upper right corner. Today, I added a 10th member to the Office 365 Group and when I went to the Sharepoint site it only showed 9 members. So, I clicked on the link in the upper right that said '9 Members' and proceeded to try and add her using the 'Add Members' button. I start typing her name, it shows up, I select it and then click 'Save', get the error "Couldn't add users". Why?


    Oddly, on the Sharepoint site, if I hover my mouse over the name of the site in the upper left, 'ST Supervisors', it shows 10 members. If I mouse down to 'show members', there she is. However if I click on 'Members' in the upper left for the Sharepoint site, it only has 9 and she is not there.


    How can I fix this? I need to let her have access to Sharepoint

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    Re: Office 365 Group changes not propagating to Sharepoint Group

    Never mind. She showed up. Took several hours to propagate I suppose