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Sync iCloud Contacts with Office 365 Mail


Sync iCloud Contacts with Office 365 Mail



I've just migrated to GoDaddy for my hosting, and am using the Office 365 mail product to manage email for my primary domain. I'm a Mac user, and manage my exchange account through Mail in the Mac OS, and the Mail app on my iPhone. Both auto-sync to my iCloud contact list.


I'm wondering if there's a way to either sync my iCloud contacts to the Office 365 webmail interface, or at least do an import of my contacts list. There does appear to be an import contacts feature, but it only gives me options for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Windows Live.


Any Mac users on the forum who might have some insights? Thank you very much...



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Re: Sync iCloud Contacts with Office 365 Mail

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Hey @DaveAmason,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


I know that syncing to your iCloud contacts is a default functionality for the Mobile App version of Outlook on iOS devices (iPhone user myself). However, I can't say for certain if it works the same on the Desktop version for Macs cause I've never tried it. One assumes if it works for the mobile version it should for the desktop as well. 


Perhaps another fellow Mac user can confirm for everyone here? 


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