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    Transferring office 365 email to new registrar



    I'm transferring my main domain to a new local domain registrar and hosting provider and along with my primary domain I would also like to move the office 365 email associated with it. 


    What do I need to think about and what steps do I need to take in order to make sure my 365 email works with the new registrar? 


    Thanks in advance Smiley Happy



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    Re: Transferring office 365 email to new registrar

    Hey @jeppan,


    You may want to get in touch with the new registrar provider about this as typically mail accounts can't be transferred between providers. You'll likely need to download/save your existing messages locally to a desktop and then save them over to the new Office plan once you've purchased it with your new provider and pointed the domain to their required settings. 


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