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    Workspace to Office 365 Migration - looking for a better answer

    I have three Workspace email accounts under my domain.  I would like to move to Office 365 mail service as it is vastly superior to Workspace.   However in talking with a GoDaddy tech, I learned there is no migration process available.


    In essence, I am told I would need to 1) buy three Outlook clients, 2) Install the Outlook clients on  widely separated computers, 3) sync the client Outlooks with the current Workspace accounts, 4) do a local backup of each mailbox, 5) change the Workspace accounts to Office 365 accounts, 6) resync the client Outlooks with the Office 365 accounts, and finally 7) restore each mailbox backup to the client Outlooks.  Hopefully, this would sync the Outlook client accounts to the Office 365 server accounts, but there are a lot of moving parts here.


    Truly, is there no better and reliable process to move from Workspace to Office 365 email?   A previous thread asked the same question, but the response did not answer the question.


    PS:  I'm not a novice and maybe I'm making this overly complicated.  However, some of the answers in this forum look like the responder did not fully understand the question...

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    GoDaddy Pro Mentor

    Re: Workspace to Office 365 Migration - looking for a better answer

    @ronl You can easily migrate your workspace accounts to Office 365 mail from 1 installation of outlook.

    You can follow the steps from this article to move your workspace email to Office 365 mail.

    The article is specifically for Gmail but as long as you have your 3 workspace account added to Outlook 365 you can follow the steps to move your email over.


    Here are a few other helpful links





    I would recommend the following steps. Note this can be done from 1 installation of outlook 365 provided outlook supports more than 1 exchange account, if only 1 exchange account is supported then it's still possible but will take longer to complete.


    1. Keep your workspace email active and setup the corresponding office 365 email accounts.

    2. add your 3 workspace accounts to outlook and after they finish syncing backup each account to it's own pst file.

    3. After Verifying each account is backed up add your 3 office 365 email accounts in outlook.

    4. import the PST files to the corresponding office 365 email accounts.

    5. once complete verify the emails from the webspace account are in your office 365 accounts. (To be extra safe you can backup the PST files for the office 365 accounts and remove the office accounts and add back to verify all emails are still accessible)

    6. Finally you can delete the 3 workspace accounts leaving only the 3 office 365 email accounts. Now you can cancel the 3 workspace email accounts, leaving only the 3 office 365 email accounts. 





    Migrate email from 365 to webmail

    Pls Help me.

    from my domain i have 9 365 emails. i want to go back godaddy local webmail. I cant sent email from 365 account. but from webmail i can do any thing. i dont want to use 365 mail. i want revert back to webmail. so pls help sir how can i migrate 365 email to webmail back same like before.

    Re: Workspace to Office 365 Migration - looking for a better answer

    I think that the obvious answer here is to dis-associate your 365 account from Go Daddy. Now that being said, it is not an easy thing to do, but if go through the pain you will fix all of these issues. Go Daddy is nothing more than a middle man in the middle of your connection to the MS Exchange server, and the real 365 portal. GD gives you absolutely no extra VALUE as a partner to Microsoft. I hate putting everything into MS but in this case GD has no business being a 365 partner that actually provides less VALUE, and more problems.


    Move your 365 Tenant somewhere else or directly to MS. You will be much happier!!!!

    Re: Workspace to Office 365 Migration - looking for a better answer

    To migrate Office 365 data to other emails account like Outlook, you can use Kernel Office 365 Backup software. The software can easily backup Office 365 data and export them in PST formats.

    Re: Workspace to Office 365 Migration - looking for a better answer

    Have a look here: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Backup-Office-365-Mailbox-4d244ff6

    This is a very effective article about Kernel Office 365 Backup software.


    Re: Workspace to Office 365 Migration - looking for a better answer

    For creating the backup of o365 mailboxes you can use the MailsDaddy Office 365 Backup Tool. With this application, you can Export your all Exchange Online data like emails, contacts, calendars, appointments, and attachments etc into PST of other formats like MBOX, MSG, and EML etc.

    For more details, visit: https://www.mailsdaddy.com/office-365-backup/