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    moving to another web host, can't use Office365


    1) I bought a domain name from godaddy with 2 Office 365 accounts

    2) I have a web host somewhere else

    3) I logged into godaddy and changed the NS to point to my webhost

    ---------- Now, I can not use my O365 to send or receive emails, is there a solution?

    Note : I can not update my DNS where I host my domain.

    Thank you.

    ahmed samir
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    GoDaddy Pro Proficient
    GoDaddy Pro Proficient

    Re: moving to another web host, can't use Office365

    Hello @evry1_falls. That is because you changed your NS to the other host. So, you need to find the other host control panel for your domain so you can make sure the correct DNS records are enter there for email.

    Very Respectfully,
    Drew Davis | Navy Veteran and Entrepreneur | "Proud to be serving others!"