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    my domain email is not working in Office 365


    I have just bought a domain and an email. I have also followed to instructions to set the email up on my phone, and my computer.

    I cannot seem to receive email on rasyide@superstereo.me (which I bought), but can send outgoing emails from this domain to my other personal emails.


    I also can't seem to get logged on to the webmail.

    Error message: User doesn't have application & Incorrect email or password (which is obviously keyed in correctly)

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    Re: my domain email is not working

    Hi @rasyide, thanks for posting.

    The domain name looks like it's configured to use Office 365. When you were having trouble accessing it, it's possible that it was still setting up. If you are still having trouble, you might want to try resetting the password to reset the account. See steps here:



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