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Brick and Mortar Facebook Live Events

Hey, everyone!


I have a friend who is a antiquer. She told me about a mall she frequents and what they are doing.  Thought I would share it here because I bet other small shops could do something similar.

You let all your Facebook followers and those on your email list know that every couple of days (announce the specific days and time on your socials and website) that you are going to to a Facebook live where you will feature certain areas of the store and products.  As an incentive, those who attend the free online event get a discount on any of the featured items.

While you run the video end of the deal, a partner or helper can answer questions and respond to comments. Then, during the live event if any of the viewers wants to purchase any of the items that you spotlight, they can let you know and you set it aside for curb-side pickup.

At the end of the live session ask if anyone has any special occasions coming up and what they may be looking for. You can then starts the next event with product suggestions that feature products based on those requests.

Of course this process and how you run it can vary based on the type of products that you offer.  When this story was relayed to me I thought is was such a smart idea (even if you are eCom only).   That's what I call making lemonade out of lemons, right?


Even after we make it past this hump, this is an approach that could be applied to build exposure for whatever you have to offer . 😉


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Community Team

@Muse This is an awesome idea! It allows people to feel connected and still shop real-time without leaving their homes. I've seen it done for MLM's so why not brick and mortar as well.

Thanks for sharing. 

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Really cool idea @Muse! Super creative. As a lover of antiques and collectibles, I want to support dealers during this hard time. I'm impressed with your friend thinking out of the box. 

Hi @Muse ,


We recently (about 3 months) started using FB live to let our followers know when we have new items in the store.  Its one of the most simple ways to reach out quickly without a tremendous amount of prep.  A great way to stay engaged!!

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@Musethank you for sharing this information. The shift from a face to face business transaction to an online interaction can be tough. Tools like Facebook Live and Zoom will allow businesses to adapt and still be able to provide their customers with the goods and services they need. I think we will see many business shift to this hybrid shopping experience. 

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Hi @Muse ,


This was such a timely post.  In addition to the FB Live Events, with the addition of the Portal  and the videochat/conferencing now offered through FB, the platform and strategy just changed again on how to use FB.  (that was a long sentence!).


It is SO DIFFICULT to get people off of FB into a Zoom meeting.  We're going to be using the Zoom/FB channel instead of inviting people to Zoom rooms as a requirement.  Those that actually join Zoom are being rewarded with free products (from manufacturers!!!!).  Even with this incentive - getting them from FB to Zoom is a challenge.


If this doesn't work like we want, it may be to FB Portal for customer engagement and Zoom for business meetings.  Who the heck knows?  


Insights please??!!!


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You are spot on!   Facebook, for B to C has turned into an easy(ier) to use go-to for this kind of stuff.   And most folks are there.  Like anything it depends on your market.  And, I agree, I bet your market is on Facebook!


I have one client whose client base doesn't go near Facebook -- so Zoom is what she uses.   Then, I didn't sign a prospective client because he refused to use Zoom.


I think you would be wise to give it a whirl.   I do know from speaking to folks you have done this that having the right equipment and setup is a test and tune kind of thing -- but then again, what isn't, right?


I just read an article on HubSpot about this that may help:  10 Facebook Live Tips to Follow, Before, During and After Your Live Event.


HTH!  PM if I can be of any assistance! 😉


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