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Fitness Studio

Hey! We’re a local fitness studio in Dallas and we’ve moved our platform to entirely online. Normally we offer cycling classes + sculpt classes. So obviously we can’t offer cycling classes anymore unless we rent out the bikes but that seems like a huge liability. We’ve been playing with a lot of apps and platforms to offer LIVE classes and settled on VIMEO love. Anyone else a fitness studio owner/entrepreneur? What struggles are you facing and steps taken to tackle this time?
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I remember when Netflix started by sending DVDs in the mail and Blockbuster thought "That won't work". A year later Blockbuster was offering the same service. The Netflix CEO at the time proclaimed "There is a reason we're called Netflix" but it seemed to be ignored? Netflix led the way as many blockbuster companies have followed suit and you can visit a Blockbuster in Alaska?

It seems to be a similar thing with fitness. With companies like Bowflex, Peloton, MIRROR and even larger franchises like LA Fitness moving to that direction it almost seems like that's the next subscription boom. The reason it hasn't taken off is indoor cycles (and other connected equipment) are more company specic then TVs are.

I think it's great that you moved to online fitness classes where you could @kndye that is very good wave riding. What would be really great is open source home exerise equipment. Peloton won't do that because it doesn't benefit them "Want to use a Peloton bike for online cycling classes, you have to play Peloton". I'd love it if the online offerings were more widespread, maybe that's the next thing?

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

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I am not a fitness studio owner, but I am a member of The Bar Method (barre classes). Our studio has been running classes online for a week now, using Zoom. The teacher is logged in from their living room and running the class, the rest of us are at home using home-made props since we don't have the usual gear at hand (pillows, towels, hand weights, a chair, etc.). We've basically been able to do the same classes, see our studio friends and say hi, etc.


They are doing sign-ups through the regular application (MindBody online), and then half an hour before the class, they email the Zoom meeting code to everyone who signed up.


We also have a private Facebook group for anyone from the studio who wants to join, so they post updates, announcements, photos, etc. just to keep everyone connected.


Yes, Zoom won't work for cycling, but sculpting should be possible? Maybe you can offer some exercise classes for the cycling crowd that are not cycling, per se, but complementary exercises that would keep the right muscles moving. 

Hey @webdiva thank you for sharing what your local fitness studio has done to adapt to the current situation. I love that you are able to improvise and use what resources that are around the house for equipment. Social media is going to play a huge role in keeping customers engaged more than ever, as well as virtual meetups like Zoom and Facebook Live. Best regards, Brett M

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Hey @kndye! Thank you for posting in the Community. Finding the right online platform can be quite the task, but ultimately this will help your business transition into an online format. A close friend of mine owns a yoga studio and has been doing classes online via Zoom. Her clients sign up online and are emailed the Zoom ID to attend the class. I hope you are able to find the right fit and can continue to provide your clients with your services. Best regards, Brett M

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