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Free premium tools for remote work.

Hey All 👋
My name is Julian MacIntyre a freelancer based in the UK. Currently in process of starting a digital solutions agency for local independent brands. Came across this list of premium remote work tools, being offered for free.
Hope you find it valuable
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Great list! To add it to it, other good pieces of software for remote collaboration are:

  • Trello - for managing and keeping track of projects, multiple tiers including free
  • Toggl - a time logging software that is useful for teams or for solitary workers looking for a productivity boost (free tier):
  • Basecamp - quite a hefty thing to get setup but if you're making the most of going remote, it can be a handy tool for managing large projects, interacting with clients etc.
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@MacintyreJulian  and @Devetecho ,

These are some great resources. Thanks for the tips on these tools to help you work remotely. Keeping in touch with teammates during these times is one of the things helping me retain my sanity.

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