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How has your customer acquisition been affected?

Hey everyone, my name is Ashwath and I'm a student at GW. I'm also the founder and CEO of Culture Media:


My main way of customer acquisition was through events. In such a crowded world, it's easy to get lost in the millions of marketing people online. How in person events were a success and our business was scaling. However, with the coronavirus our main customer acquisition strategy has been affected. Does anyone have any thoughts on how we could acquire new clients?


We do everything from social media management to design and in a time when so many people are online we want to reach new clients. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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I say that I'm not social @ashwathnarayana but did not realize how many functions are in a usual week for me? I try to support my customers in what they are doing so popping up to ten events per week is normal. Now those are gone and it seems like there are more hours in a day. My customers tend to be word of mouth clients so those have kept coming in.

I do not tend to refer to clients as 'new', mostly clients come as referrals through someone we've worked with for years. I have seen a surge in people needing things though. A shop manager for a retail website we manage took this time to start up what was a pet project (it literally involves pets). The whole "I might as well do that now" crowd is forming at the door. Even clients where we had them on the schedule but never got past buying domains (for one reason or another). More like Frankenstein clients "THEY'RE ALIVE" when the project was dead or stalled.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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Hi @ashwathnarayana ,


As a brick-n-mortar store new customer acquisition activities have essentially stopped for us.   HOWEVER, we are getting new customers almost every day because we have been able to still serve the local customer base.  We are getting customers from our competitors regularly and our web presence is helping considerably.  Believe me, this is NOT the way I want that to happen.  I would much rather there be some local choices and businesses open.


We've also adopted Zoom "virtual happy hours".  This has attracted attention and we are getting some new customers that way.  These meetings were intended to make connections with our loyalty point customers, but have expanded into an attraction for those who haven't been into our store.


So that's about it for new customers!


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I am in a wheelchair and am unable to open the door which I keep unlocked for the ladies of the CLSC so I need for delivery to be put inside.  I am 88 and li alone.

Thank you

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