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I called GoDaddy Customer Support and this happened...

Today I had occasion to call GoDaddy for a billing issue that I could not address on my own. I managed to get Georgia on the phone (the representative whose name was Georgia, I didn't call the state) and she was wonderful. Georgia is not my favorite State but Georgia from GoDaddy was great and yet this post is not about her.


So what happened when I called GoDaddy? Well, nothing? I mean nothing unusual. I received professional and courteous service from Georgia as is my typical with GoDaddy. I waited a bit for my call to be answered and opted for the # so I don't have to listen to muzak as is my typical experience with GoDaddy. I authenticated into my account as always with GoDaddy. I was pleasantly greeted by "my name is Georgia (like the State)" as she exclaimed as is usual (I don't always get Georgia of course) I tend to find GoDaddy people greet me smiling. Yes, smiling when you are answering the phone is actually a technique that is taught and clearly GoDaddy representatives practice that.


I was greatly assisted with my issue (thanks again Georgia) as is usual in my experience with GoDaddy. I was put on a brief hold by Georgia and I did not have an option to press # to opt out of the muzak as is typical of GoDaddy (though regrettable). I needed a return call and I received it with GoDaddy on the caller ID (Georgia following up on my issue) and though that is not typical, my issue today had some complexity but it was resolved as is typical. I got the follow-up email asking how Georgia did and that of course is the norm.


Now Georgia was great but as I said this is not about Georgia (the representative or the state). So why am I posting about what I consider to be a common experience calling GoDaddy? Well indeed my typical experience with GoDaddy is excellent and Georgia is right inline with that but let's face it things are not typical now. I did not hear a excuse message about call volumes and COVID-19. I did not experience a higher than usual wait time (especially for a the time I called). My experience was as typical when calling GoDaddy and given everything what is happening I find that refreshing. I even got into the muzak and appreciated it a bit more than normal. 


Just wanted to commend GoDaddy for a perfectly typical experience which I know took some work to do given the current environment. If you are reading this to hear a negative GoDaddy rant I will include it here. I think GoDaddy needs to get their employees together, cover songs and use them for hold music so I don't feel like I'm in an elevator when I'm on hold. Keep in mind I'm no lawyer. Free idea GoDaddy! I am sure that you guys have employees that can play instruments and sing, as they seem to be such a talented bunch. For names maybe Hold On, Social Distance, Re: Muzak and those are just of the top of my head.


Certainly GoDaddy is not alone in providing seamless customer service but you will have to read about GoDaddy today since I only spoke to Georgia at GoDaddy today. Thanks Georgia for excellent customer service and thanks Georgia for being a travel hub. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to the Atlanta airport (not because it is fun) just because that would mean normal.


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

Advocate VI

I agree, @rd, my tech response experience at GoDaddy has been the same: friendly, knowledgeable, excellent service with a good attitude.


When I talk to tech support (anywhere, not just GD), I always try to remain polite, patient, and calm -- even if the problem really is at the service provider's end. Back in my corporate days, I managed IT for a while, and I can assure you, working tech support is often a thankless job. We used to say "praise is the absence of criticism" because no one ever called just to say "hey, thanks, everything is working great today." People only call when they are having a problem, so they are already stressed, impatient, unhappy, etc. Sometimes I'll mention this to whoever is on the phone, they get a good laugh out of it -- and I think they are really happy to speak to someone who GETS IT.


All of which is to say, please go out of your way to be nice to all tech support folks, now and going forward. They are all doing the best they can under the circumstances. And just like you, they are either working at home with screaming kids in the background, or dealing with the stress of going into a workplace with other folks nearby, or maybe their hours have been cut back, or their spouse has been laid off. They are hearing from folks who -- again, just like you -- are already close to their breaking point, and may want to take it out on the person answering the phone. 


Something else I do, and highly recommend: GoDaddy tech support folks will always ask how you're doing today. Try to say something positive, like "I'm hanging in there" or "So far, so good." And take the time to ask how they are doing. And then thank them for being at work, even during a crisis, at night, on the weekend, etc. 


Advocate VI

Hey @rd, since you mentioned having some employees create a new "on hold" musical playlist, here are some song ideas:


  • Don't Stand So Close to Me (The Police)
  • U Can't Touch This (MC Hammer)
  • You Can Look But You'd Better Not Touch (Springsteen)
  • From a Distance (Bette Midler)
  • Telephone (Lady GaGa + Beyonce)
  • I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)
  • So Far Away (Carole King)
  • Stand Back (Stevie Nicks)

OK, back to work for me. I was having too much fun there for a second... 🙂



As a GoDaddy guide, your "2 cents" is worth more than you know. When this pandemic began, our first thought went to you, the customer. Our biggest concern was how would working from home impact our customers. I am so glad that to hear about your positive experience. We ARE always here for you. By the way, I love the song idea!

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This is awesome. We don't get to hear the more positive stories too often, working on this side of the phone. I'm glad that our crew was able to keep a baseline level of normal for you. We appreciate you all, and we are happy to be here to help.


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