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I'm A Bookkeeper - Ask me Anything!

Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor, I've been working remotely for 40-60 businesses at a time for 15 years. If you have a bookkeeping/QB/or general business question, ask away! Located in Texas with experience in California and Nevada taxation. I survived the Great Recession of 2008 in California...we will come out of this stronger than before!

Andrea Hayden
Hayden Bookkeeping Services
Adv. QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Community Manager

Great @HaydenBKSVS! Thanks for introducing yourself and joining in on the conversation. 


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I try to have my tax preparation completed and filled as soon as possible. My goal is generally December to have things buttoned up so I can concentrate on new business in the new year. How the pushed back tax date (July 15th) impact your business @HaydenBKSVS?
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Getting Started

Most of my clients have already filed, but this time of year usually brings
out the clients that have done ZERO bookkeeping for the previous year.
Normally I can only take a few in time for the normal tax deadline. This
year I expect to help many more companies basically extending my busy
season. I also expect some of my clients will put services on hold if they
are not allowed to operate. There are potential gains and losses right now
for freelance bookkeepers. I am just going to keep working, but also keep
an eye out for any opportunities that will keep my current clients
operating and profitable.
Andrea Hayden
Hayden Bookkeeping Services
Adv. QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Getting Started

Hi Hayden @HaydenBKSVS, you sound like a survivor!  In the delay of taxes does that also include taxes for small businesses or just personal taxes?  I am in CA... THANK YOU!  

Federally: Sole Proprietors file their schedule C with their 1040, so the
deadline is now July 15th for both. The tax deadline for 1065 filing (S
Corps and Partnerships) was on March 16th and has passed. If an extension
was filed before that date, it still remains at Sept 15th. C Corps remain
unchanged from my current research. They are still due April 15th with
extensions due by Oct 15th.
California: All filing and payments have been moved to July 15th for this
state. I would bookmark this link to keep up with future changes and to see
what extensions apply to your situation:
Andrea Hayden
Hayden Bookkeeping Services
Adv. QuickBooks ProAdvisor

you are awessome! Thank you so much!!!

Diane Devereaux


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