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Keep your mind busy

Few people now a days under lots of pressure with these tough times they begin to panic, when panic enters your mind your immune and hormone systems shuts down, i highly recommend is to keep your mind busy with mini project , yoga, and meditation trick your mind , with all the best of health to all members 

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Great thoughts @Catermefresh! I don't know about you but I have so many house projects that have been pending for a long time. Now's a good time to start tackling at least one of them. Also an opportunity to think about how you can make changes to your business or start a business that you've been thinking about for awhile. Take care and thanks for being part of the GoDaddy Community. 


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Hey @Catermefresh thanks for the positive energy and thoughts. This extra time at home has allowed me to get to some side projects i have been putting on hold as well as some much needed reading time with my Kindle, a good book can be a great escape.

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Getting Started

Quite honestly, I have decided to read that book that I always wanted to read to be able to tell others I read, but never wanted to bother with the time to actually read it.


I am learning that the stuff I put off because I don't think I will have the time to do them, like mundane tasks, actually don't take that long if I don't expect perfection.


I'm watching videos to learn some new skills to see if I could use them in the market.

Mindset is everything -- even when life is going well!  Concentrating on positive thoughts and actions takes practice, it doesn't come naturally.  When things seem out of control, the only control you do have is how you react. 


You can remain positive by not only catching up on personal wish lists, but on business skills too.  Is there a something you want to learn more about (SEO, Marketing, Social Media, Coding).   Pick one thing and then spend an hour or two on that every day until this passes.


You'll then have a new knowledge base and skill you can put to work for your business moving forward! 😉


"Boldness be my friend." ~ William Shakespeare