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Love letters from the heart

Major website idea to help heal hearts with new products and services alternative medicine herbal healing and writers commerce meets goods products and services with laughter for the mind. A new way of healing for all walks of life. Seeking people motivated with products and services to sell on site and money goes back to you membership fees waived for the first 6 months. After that time a 10% of sales or $50 charge per month will be assessed which ever is greater for upkeep of the site and office needs 5% will be used to help the needy. This site will be for all walks in life. Better Together marketing strategies. Looking for a team.

Advocate VII

Hi @LoveLetters ,


Perhaps an interesting idea, but you'll need to be a bit more detailed in what you are proposing.  I'm not at all clear on what it is you're selling or offering.  But still, perhaps a good idea.


Hope this helps,


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