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Getting Started

Need Marketing Advice?

We are a brand and marketing consultancy serving global brands, with a love for small business. It's a challenging environment for business right now, and we are happy to offer marketing advice, or maybe just a different perspective, to help keep your doors open and employees paid. 


If you're struggling, we'll do our best to lend a hand with short term DIY marketing solutions. 


We prefer to answer questions on this forum to help everyone in similar situations, but if you require something more in depth, you can contact us at our email in our profile. 


Ask away! 

Community Manager

Welcome to the community @Form_Policy! Thanks for posting. Feel free to share some general advice here in this post. That's a great way to get conversation going 😊


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.
Getting Started

First thing to remember during "quarantine weeks" - everyone is at home and online. So, even if you are closed, get out in front of them! 


Without knowing the size of your business, or what you sell, the easy plunge is social media. A social media presence (Facebook & Instagram) is increasingly an important tool for reaching potential clients. It is also a dirt cheap way to advertise. Make sure you have profiles that you update regularly with content. Don't worry about how many followers you amass, as long as they are the right followers. 


Facebook also makes it easy to design and serve ads through their business manager page. You can target audiences, regions, etc. and get the word out to a rather large group of people for very little. Our Maryland video campaign for healthcare sign-ups resulted in cost of acquisition of about $8 per sign-up. Social, used in the proper way, can get results. 


The next step is Google ads. That can be done DIY, but there are a lot of avenues. At that point, you may wish to bring in professionals like us. Best of luck. Feel free to reach out with questions directly to the email in our profile.