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Please read this if you have a physical presence too

The Greenstead Consulting Group is a commercial real estate advisory firm. One of our service lines works with tenants of commercial buildings such as retail, office and warehouse.  To learn more go to We'd be pleased to answer your questions, but for now we have two recommendations for you:


1. Find where you filed you lease, dust it off and take it (or send it) to a good commercial lease lawyer. All major law firms have lease specialists in their real estate departments. HINT: this is not a time to use a cheap lawyer. Ask them to explain the Force Majeure clause. If your business has been mandated by government to partially or fully shut down your physical location, you may need to send your Landlord a Force Majeure notice. Talk to your lawyer about this, as we are not lawyers and we are not providing legal advice.


2. Want to know more about asking for rent relief during these times? Attend this free webinar:


Stay safe everyone and stay in business!


Peter Morris, CEO, Greenstead Consulting Group

Community Team

Hi @Greenstead! Thanks for joining us and sharing these resources for businesses with a brick and mortar presence. 

Mel VK - GoDaddy | Social Care Manager | 24/7 support available at | Looking for ways to be of service to others.