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Social Media Engagement

Quarantine has forced us all to reach our community and client base virtually and through social media. How do you connect with your customers, and how do you turn “likes” into potential customers? What are good tips and strategies? Thanks.
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Is it strange that I read the title of Social Media Engagement and thought "people are really proposing a lot"? I came here for a cute story but I understand you dilemma @SRCfaces and you are not alone in wanting to convert traffic to customers.


In my mind there is no trick, magic bullet/potion, secret sauce or method to make this kind of conversion. There are many techniques but what I tend to promote is good content and organic growth. There is only one you, certainly you have something that others do not possess. Focus on that and be patient. Post what is uniquely you, that way you won't have to fake it later. Certainly others will have other takes on this but I hope that helps?


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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@JMPepper & @rd You’re awesome and thanks for your response. I hear you loud and clear, and I agree, I believe in being authentically ME. And truth is I get interest, “likes”, people expressing support, BUT I feel like there is something strategic I should be doing with those “likes” to turn them into customers, and I feel like I am missing the boat here. To answer my own question, I feel like I need to have a FREE offering that I can give away to interested folks, just so that I am giving more of myself and my content.
You helped more than you know, thanks again!!


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Great that we were able to help @SRCfaces and best of luck. Come back and keep up posted on your growing business. The conversion question is often asked.


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

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Hi @SRCfaces!


Too funny @rd !  Gosh, social media behavior these days....It has not been normal engagements for sure.  I think @rd mentioned in another post people using social media for comfort.  Of course, comfort for some includes some pretty crazy rants for sure.


Being in retail, we keep an eye on what people have been saying about shopping, masks, etc.  Currently, it is not a pretty picture.  We have some customers who state "if I cannot talk to you without a mask, then I do not want to talk to you at all."  Wow, people we've known for around 20 years or so indicating they do not respect shopping measures put into place for everyone's safety.  I'm not sure at all how to make a civil engagement in such a conversation.


We've had outstanding reviews by some on how we've handled the situation.  We're certainly thankful for that and so when the positive people make a comment, we try to like/share as appropropriate.


I think that one of the keys is really looking for the positive threads and making a positive post.  FB Live.  FBLive. FBLive!  Let people SEE you.  We do not necessarily see the immediate results, but we do have conversations such as, "I saw you on FB...."  when they come into the store.  We also put together a puzzle game (on our website) that customers get a freebie when they solve.  This has helped some.


So, patience comes into play in turning the social media conversations into customers.  As things change rapidly, what worked last week may not work this week so just getting some ideas is a bit of a challenge!


Keep it real for sure!  I wish I had some real tricks in the bag to get from like to buy, but its a challenge.  If we find a formula, we'll post it for sure.


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