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Social distancing until April 30! What are your thoughts about that?

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My typical way of life involves social distancing @thePositiveMOM so this all is a bit standard for me. I am more shook by the reminding people to wash their hands. When I see a "Do not eat." warning on a pack of silica gel. I think "Who is that for?" Who is out hear eating desiccant (it has never looked appetizing to me)? I suppose that someone needs the information or warning though? Please stay safe out there, this might be everyone's new normal?


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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When I heard that my heart sunk....  Like @rd., my lifestyle is distanced -- I live out in the middle of nowhere.  But even in my little county of 20,000 people the impact can be seen and felt.  And I have friends and clients in big cities across the country and I really feel for them too.


We live our lives thinking the next day is going to be the same as the last.  And we take for granted all the good things and blessings that we do have.   For me, this just causes me to appreciate even more the things I do have -- instead of thinking about what I don't have right now.


By nature, like you, I am a positive thinker.  I know things are going to be tough, and require that we all work together to make the impact not as bad as it could be.  And reach out to others that we see can benefit from our help.  But being we are a free society, at some point this will have to end or we'll have nothing to go back to.


I am proud to be part of GoDaddy's effort, #OpenWeStand, to put together an incredible amount of articles that small businesses can use to keep going now and into the future.   Lots of great stuff to read, learn, apply, plan and try.


We have a difficult period ahead of us but we can only control how we choose to react and use this time.  Learn something new.  Try something new.  Start a journal about how you think your life and business will change because of this -- possibly permanently -- and what you can do to cater to that.


Becoming part of a community, like the one here, is invaluable too.  Great bunch of folks ready and willing to help where they can -- if only to be concerned together. 😉


"No pressure, no diamonds." Thomas Carlyle

I think we're in for longer than just April 30th to be honest. I find myself focusing on all of the positives in our lives right now. I have my family, and we're healthy. I get to spend more time with my children when normally I'm underwater with work. I've focused on projects at home and working on my relationships. I've been able to get creative with my business and I've started preparations for more aggressive scenarios (say this is the norm for 6-12 months). There's still a lot of variables, so shifting away from it just being a countdown is key.

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As others here have said, I'm not at all surprised, and would not be surprised if it goes longer than that. I'm in NorCal, which was one of the very first places to implement "shelter in place" -- so we are already used to several weeks of this. 


As someone who has worked at home for 22+ years, not much is changing with my actual day-to-day work -- but I'm seeing how it is impacting my clients. As a web pro, I'm being asked every day to update clients sites with info about closures, or reduced hours, or distance delivery of services (such as by Zoom). 

Even as someone whose work can continue in a relatively "business as usual" sort of way, I'm preparing for any and all of the following situations:


  • Lost clients as they will be forced to close their business (or have already closed their doors but will eventually need to close forever).
  • Lost clients as they have to cut back on expenses (possibly still open but had to lay off staff, etc.). So they may still need my services but can't afford to pay.
  • Letting client payments slide (or at least allowing an extended due date for some payments of work that still needs to happen).
  • For clients who want to take on their own site maintenance, I'm considering how much training/support I want to provide (or should feel obligated to provide?).
  • For clients who need to take over their own site to save money, are there other platforms that might be easier for them to manage? While all of my client sites are on WordPress, some could move to a DIY platform such as Squarespace. 
  • Coaching clients on how to change their business model. Can they provide some or all of their services online? Can they convert from brick-and-mortar to an online store? Will they want my help in making such a transition?
  • While I charge monthly for site maintenance (clients pay on the first for the upcoming month), I have a 30-day notice policy if/when they quit. Debating whether to waive that requirement and let people leave immediately since it's a cash flow issue for them. I've done that twice in the last week.
  • For some clients who pre-pay for services, am I prepared to give them prorated refunds for several months? That's my policy of course, but people rarely leave without using what they have paid for, so it would be a cash flow question for me. And then would I enforce the 30 days' notice?

Even if you're not a web pro, these same issues may apply to some or all of the services you provide. So my advice would be to think now about these eventualities, should they eventually impact YOUR business.


A reduction in my business won't be catastrophic. I'm 62 and already eyeing retirement. This situation will accelerate that process a bit as attrition will lessen my client load -- but it won't be devastating, the way it might be for someone with kids about to enter college, mortgage payments, and so on. Our kids are grown and living elsewhere, we have savings, we own our house. So it's not a crisis situation -- but it's still disruptive. I'm trying to be sensitive to the fact that many of my clients are not in the same life stage that I am!



I, like the others, am focusing on the positives that have come out of this situation. I have more time with my children and family and I still get to stay connected to my customers. I like to think of it as "physical distancing". We NEED to stay socially connected. We NEED to support one another both professionally and personally. 

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I know it's hard, but it's necessary for all our health.

I think if it will help save lives we must adhere and be mindful of others

Social distancing has meant that I’ve had to close my retail store front which is a boutique and gift shop located in a medical center. I had a website before but it had been informative for getting customers to my store front. When I saw all of the issues starting I got to work on changing my website to the e-commerce platform with godaddy and spending my time working on building it and loading my products. There are many new obstacles I’m working on navigating though. If anyone can help with some questions I have it would be greatly appreciated. The biggest question I have is about inventory management once I can reopen my shop and I have started selling online. I use QuickBooks for my pos in my retail and can’t find a way that these two can automatically sync. I looked at the square option because that seems to be the only option I’m seeing for syncing inventory with the godaddy platform. I also noticed their fees are higher for merchant services than what I currently pay. I have a merchant service from my local bank in place for my retail storefront but debating if it’s my best source with this change. If anyone has navigated through these issues and found a solution they are happy with please share with me. Thanks ~ Angela

When you say that you are using 'GoDaddy platform' are you taking about Website + Marketing @FirstLadyShop? Depending on your platform there are several options that will sync your POS and web storefront. The available options are platform specific but this as absolutely a common ask.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head