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What are you doing about the volumes of spam?

Hi All,


Hope you and yours are safe and well.  I had to ask this question because not only am I seeing an increase in volume that makes it passed the spam filters, I've seen some crazy bad behavior.  


Here's the latest.  Very nice looking email, etc.  Thought I would "opt out and unsubscribe".  The link tried to open apps in the windows app store.  NEVER seen this one so of course it was quarantined immediately.


Anyways, just wondering what you are seeing.


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I have an obsessive-compulsive "INBOX ZERO" policy, so anything that I know I didn't sign up for or anything I don't use on my primary email goes to garbage. I have a couple of other emails that are for junk mail, but they've looked like chaos since email became a serious thing for day to day life.

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Hi @MrVapor  and @RachelM ,


I only THOUGHT I had a relatively private inbox.  I'm really going to change my email communication behavior for sure.  We have customers that have been with us for 24 years. Email changes from old customers to "semi-private" email addresses is not uncommon.  So, here in begins that little detail in regular activities is checking for the "old customers" as they contact us via email.   This email explosion is making my brain hurt.  We only thought managing wordpress servers was difficult!!


Listening to the blues (Buddy Guy) and like the suggestions for sure!




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I'm the same @MrVapor! I have to have a clear inbox and have been unsubscribing from a bunch of email from companies that are over sending. Over sending to me is defined by 3 marketing emails a day. I haven't seen a ton of spoof emails yet @JMPepper but have certainly gotten a few. It's sad how people try to take advantage of others in situations like we're in right now. Luckily the good outweighs the bad!! 


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Hi James

As an email specialist, I have seen an increase in compromised accounts, which is a result of spam/spoofing emails. It is important to not click on any links in the email. If you are ever curious as to the legitimacy of an email, please call us. We are more than happy to take a look and advise you if it is safe.

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Hi @Ashlee04,


Great advice.  It may very well be worth the call with just one infection ending up costing beaucoup dollars!  I didn't know this was part of the help service so great info!




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