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ASP Classic how to set main page

Hi guys, have an old asp classic website on deluxe windows hosting plan, lately the pages seem to hang for about 10 seconds and then load. I was trying a few things in the windows.config file and accidentally deleted the original config file. Now I cannot get the domain to direct to the main asp page. IE if I have index.html that will load fine, but replace it with index.asp will not. I have tried several ways in the config file to redirect to index.asp but nothing works. does anyone have a config file from an ASP classic site that they can post so I can get this up?

currently I have and html index page redirecting to the index.asp but obviously this is not what I should have to do.


Hi @Zaphodshead,


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To create a new config file, you can reference the instructions here.

You can also contact the GoDaddy customer support team and connect with the hosting experts for additional assistance. 




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