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ASP.NET fileupload control

I'm transferring over a site to your Windows Plesk hosting and I'm having a problem with the file uploading component.  My users will upload various files and documents that are relevant for the project they're working on. I cannot get the file upload component to work.  I've already gone into file manager and given the Plesk IIS Worker Process Identity Account  and the Application pool group write access to the specified folder but when I execute a file upload task I don't get the file uploaded nor do I get any error.  When this was being hosted on an in-house server I used to give the IUSR account write access to the folder housing the uploaded files but in Plesk I don't see that account as an option.  What do I need to do to fix this?

Thank you


Does anybody have any ideas on this?  It's really causing me problems with porting my site on GoDaddy.