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Allow access to various file types with htaccess file via http - Plesk?

I run a game server from home, but, I want to host my map files on my GoDaddy server so that when folks download the maps they don't have they will download faster from GoDaddy rather than my PC here at home. However, anytime I try to access a file (with the exception of a .zip) I get a 404 Error. I have enabled directory listing in the Plesk hosting settings. Aside from that I have created a .htaccess and placed it into the root directory.

The .htaccess code is as follows:

RewriteEngine on

<FilesMatch "\.(gz|pdf|zip|rar|utx|mod|tpl|tmp|ini|rsm|tga|pln|uax|SB0|usx|int|tpt|exe)$" >
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
Satisfy any


An example file that would be downloaded is:

The files downloaded are via basic HTTP. Port 80 if I'm not mistaken. So that URL is the same URL that is in my games configuration when looking to download the map file.

Why is this not working?


I can even see the files when I view the index directory for example. But when I click on a file it says 404 lol.


Note all my CHMOD permissions are 7777 (all allowed) as well