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Can't access MSSQL from Plesk MyLittleAdmin for .app domain

Hello all, 

I got a .app domain from GoDaddy that comes with an SSL certificate. I'm using the .app domain for a membership site (built using ASP.Net Core and MSSQL) and a mobile client app. Everything seems to have gone on fine with a Windows Hosting purchase and SSL setup on GoDaddy. I connected to Plesk from Godaddy. In Plesk, I created a database but the problem is, I can't access it using the url provided , hence I can't obtain the connection string nor even view the tables. I keep getting an error saying the page is unsecured even though I have an SSL certificate that secures my primary domain ( I have reached out to GoDaddy support and the response is below:


The  .app TLD itself forces that redirect. we have checked a couple accounts that have SSLs and verified that they are not redirecting to https either.  So you has a couple options:
1) You can change their primary domain to a non- .app domain
2) you can leave it as-is, and just use a 3rd party program like SQL Server Management Studio to manage their database


Please has anyone faced a similar issue? I'd like some guidance especially since my preferred option is to use the .app domain and the SSL certificate that's already redeemed.


Thank you


I ran into problems trying to access my database. I was able to get it working after days worth of trial and error. My code is in classic asp though. Hopefully, it will give you some insight that will lead to to a solution.


James N.