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Can´t connect to the SQL Server hosted in Plesk database from SQL Server Management Studio

I have a SQL Server database hosted in Plesk in GoDaddy. I urgently need to connect to this database from my laptop remotely using SQL Server Management Studio. I got all the elements I need for the connection (IP and port, database name, user and password). The problem is that looks like the database server in GoDaddy does not accept remote connections. 


I really URGENTLY need to get connected to this database, in the old classic hosting we had this option at the time when we created the database, but I did not seen this available on Plesk.


Can someone please give me any hint about how do I solve this problem? 


Thanks in advance and best regards, 


Hi @roasystems. I use SSMS to connect no issues with connecting...Managing it is another matter altogether!!!  What is the IP address you are using to connect to the server and your database?