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Database section not appearing in cPanel


Sorry for the dumb question.


I have been using Parallels Plesk on my original VPS. No problem -- everything was very logical.


I was informed by GoDaddy that my server was close to be out of date and at some point I would be "forced" to move to a new server. Plesk is no longer available on new servers but "CPanel" is easier to use.


Well -- step 1 is I just want to get some of my MySQL stuff up and running. But the Database option is not available.


A little frustrated here for a Day 1 user of CPanel. Actually I want a new server and the latest version of Plesk on it. It may be not installed by GoDaddy but it is still out there.



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Hi there,

There are no dumb questions @ronaldbroth,

As far as I'm aware MySQL is available on cPanel hosting, or it was when I last looked. I have cPanel hosting basic, and I have it. What hosting plan do you have?