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GoDaddy lost all my Plesk content, blamed me

I have been a GoDaddy user for several years now, and have 10+ domains registered through them, and host all my sites here.  I have multiple clients I host for, and am very careful with content.  I am the sole manager of content, security, and FTP for these sites.  The other day, I started getting 500 errors, and found that all the content has been deleted from everything but 2 of my sites.  I lost 2 clients because of this, and GoDaddy blamed me for the screw up, even though they can see I haven't logged in since May 24th (Last update to a domain).  They can restore my Plesk for $150.  I'm sorry, I'm not paying for you somehow losing my content and costing me over $1000 in income.  My hosting is set to renew here in 2 weeks, but I will be transferring it instead to another hosting company.  (Yes, I have backups of all my content so although I didn't lost my code it's still down time and a headache of jumping through all the nightmare of security settings it takes to get this set up, renegotiating API endpoints, etc).  

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What you fail to mention is how your content was deleted. If your site was hacked, then yes, your site security is your responsibility. The responsibility of the integrity of your data on your site falls down to you, not Godaddy. Whether or not you logged in, it's your responsibility to make sure nobody else logs in. This isn't a harsh stance. Being a web master carries a lot of responsibility and your clients trust you to be responsible as they pay you to look after their content as well as create it.


10/10 for having created backups though...........

It wasnt my data that was lost, such as with a SQL injection or FTP hack. I handle everything as I should. I had folders deleted from my file manager that didmt even have anything more than GoDaddys default code in them while I was building out the full code. I have been a proffessional developer for major companies, including the government, so security is always something I handle. My point is that I know ehat Im doing, and with the level and type of materials that was lost, I am completely confident in saying it wasnt my hand. So, now being blamed twice by GoDaddy, without even an ounce of attempt at retention? Never had any issues with customer service with GoDaddy until now, but this takes the cake.
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Hi @ABKC_Designs,

when I build a site, the buck stops with me. you also fail to give details as to the real reasons godaddy support said that you were responsible. I would be interested to know. 

But whether or not you wish to take responsibility or blame everyone else, what would be a favourable outcome to your issue? What would resolve this problem, and if your solution is out of the control of support, then what would be an acceptable alternative outcome?

If my content to one site had been lost, or data from a database corrupted, or other more localized loss, I would focus more on something I may have done.  I am not putting the blame on a person, or even one of the customer service representatives who has helped.  However, after as long as I've been doing this, when you have an actual content deletion of that large of scale, the cause has been server management side 99% of the time.  I had over 12 domains/subdomains in my file manager under the root.  I logged in and uploaded a new ASP.NET MVC site on May 24th, and it was a very simple site.  My databases are actually Azure hosted, and my FTP is just for using Visual Studio Web Deploys, or for a site to be able to upload images to itself from a users standpoint.  Those are locked down to only certain folders, certainly not access to the root.  


The chain of events:

I uploaded the new site on May 24th

On June 2, the day I received payment receipts for renewal of several of my domains, my sites started receiving 500 errors

I logged in June 3 to my File Manager to check and see what was happening, and noticed that GoDaddy had updated their UI for navigating My Products

Found that all but 2 of my domains/subdomains had been deleted via FileManager from the root

Called Customer Service, and although they were friendly, said that since they had no logs showing as to why they were deleted, that the fault had to be on my end either by Someone logging in and deleting them (Even though they confirmed my May 24th login), or other cause on my end.  A lack of logs does is not sufficient evidence it wasn't their fault.


If they could honestly show my exactly what happened, who deleted them, or even when they were deleted, I'd be more inclined to not feel satisfied it wasn't on my end.  I understand that GoDaddy is a Sales company before a hosting company.  But charging a customer $150 for a service fault that can't be proven wasn't GoDaddy's doing is beyond bad customer service.  Yes, my lesson is learned:  Have actual Hosting Service Backups, not just local Source Control.  I take fault in that I didn't have that in place.  


I'm not one to ask for refunds, or free services if there is any doubt in my mind it might have been my fault, at least partially.  But I can not see any way that my end would have caused this.  At this point, the only solution that I can see for retaining my services with GoDaddy is to comp the cost of the Plesk restoration, get me back to where I was at, then put this behind us.  As I've mentioned before, short of minor technical headaches that come from Managed Servers, I have had no complaints.  


Again, to reiterate my concern:  If the content of a site had been deleted, it would have been one thing.  But the full site was deleted from the root, and not just one.  None of my sites are aware of each other, and they all have exclusive accounts (FTP, DB Admin, etc).  I'm also not going to go in and delete anything, knowing that it would potentially lose me clients.  So, short of offering me definitive proof that it was me, I have no other choice but to hold GoDaddy responsible.  The only way they can make this right with me is to, just this once, restore my Plesk.

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 You should perhaps have a friendly chat again with support and ask for the benefit of the doubt, as there is some doubt as to the cause. Whilst there is doubt then there should be a show of goodwill. 

I sympathise with your issue but I don't work here, unfortunately.