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Godaddy Hosting Plesk page showing Chinese Language

I'm having a problem in managing the GoDaddy web hosting, because I'm seeing everything on the site is in Chinese language. I contacted GoDaddy customer service, but no use.

See in anyone can help me. 

I'm using windows hosting, and language preference set to - India, English.




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Hi @SibinBaby,

may I enquire what country you live in? Is the default language Chinese? Have you tried clearing your cache then redoing the changes. 


Very strange.........

I live in India and the default language is set to english...
I also tried with a private window on google chrome... But no changes..

Only the pages related to hosting have the problem.
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Hi @SibinBaby,

what is your domain name?
And many other domains are there on the hosting plan... (have a look at the screenshots) The websites have no problem. But the godaddy website only.
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Hi @SibinBaby,

I am seeing 'internal server error' message. You need to speak with support!