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I want to read a text file on a Windows Plesk shared hosting server using c#

I have a simple website that I want to read data from a text file and display on the screen in timed intervals.  The timer is working but I am getting security exceptions when I try to access the text files (located in my websites root directory with my aspx pages).  I have searched through the Plesk administration options to try and make sure that the file has full read permissions but nothing seems to work.


On older Windows hosting options offered by GoDaddy I had to use specific folder names for Access databases and different things like that.  Is there some specific folder name that I need to use for text files that I want to read/write to?  Is there some magic permission setting in the admin screens that I'm just missing?  At one time I actually had a website that would read/write HTML template files so I know GoDaddy allowed things like this at one time.


I wouldn't think this would be such a difficult thing to setup but I'm struggling here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks in advance.


Hey @we3design,


Not sure if there's a specific walk through for Plesk, but I did find one general programming guide in search results that might work here. Hopefully this helps, otherwise you may want to try your own preferred search engine results till another member more proficient in C# programming on Plesk can offer more suggestions. 


Let us know if you manage to work this out on your end.


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