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I would likes to refund Hosting!

Dear Godaddy,


I can't contact you by Live Chat. I don't know why the option is not available.

I  have cancelled the Hosting plan on account (Customer #: 151828191). It is ฿4,308.00 THB. Here is the Invoice / Receipt #: 1107157296 

I would likes to refund "Ultimate Windows Hosting with Plesk" , Item Number: 32436


Could you please give me a refund for that?


Thanks & Best Regards,



Hi @wikiofthing


Thank you for your post. The community forum is a public forum for general questions, concerns and comments. Because of this, none of the community members may access any specific account or perform and administrative tasks. 


If the purchase falls within the refund policy please contact our inbound billing team and our agents will be happy to assist you in the refund process. 


Best wishes!



GoDaddy Refund Policy


GoDaddy Global Customer support