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Intermittent slow server response time on Windows Plesk shared hosting

I have found that it often takes between 7 and 11 seconds to load a simple web page from a Shared Hosting Windows Plesk account. But then subsequent load attempts are in a second or less. This dismal server response time returned every 10 or 15 minutes of server non-use by me. After four calls to GoDaddy and numerous tests by me, a GoDaddy service representative finally was able to tell me that the Windows IIS recycle pool time is set for 10 minutes. Ouch!  What that means is that 144 times a day you can go to your web page and expect slow times, because the recycle pool removes your application from the cache every 10 minutes, if it is in the cache. And has to reload it when your application is called. At a time cost of several seconds. So your user goes to your domain and waits around 10 seconds for your web page. What a disaster!


Incidentally I had this experience on two new Plesk accounts, one Deluxe and one Ultimate. Installed on different physical servers (per information from a GoDaddy service representative).


This slow server response time makes the experience of the website so unprofessional. I am talking about a simple static HTML web page with 2 KB in size on an otherwise brand new virgin Plesk account.



I had hoped for professional-level hosting, but this simply doesn't make the grade. I cancelled my Plesk account and am posting this so that others may understand what they may be experiencing. I have their classic web hosting and it is always fast, but is no longer available for new accounts.


I have the same experience.  I run two domains, one is on Plesk and the other is an older account on GoDaddy's classic server.  Both have custom PHP code that I develop myself.


The Plesk account always takes about 5 seconds to load any page when you first visit my site.  Any subsequent page loads happen instantly.  If you wait 10 or 15 minutes and refresh the page, you have to wait the 5 seconds again before it runs smoothly again.  I even upgraded to the Ultimate Hosting service in attempts to try and get better service.  No effect.


The same exact code running on the classic server always loads instantly.  Never a wait time.


So, something is wrong with Plesk. It is very annoying, as users initially think that the site isn't responding.  If GoDaddy can't get this resolved, I'll be cancelling my Plesk service and moving it somewhere better.

Getting Started

I wound up moving all of my hosting off of GoDaddy. It is an organization that is dysfunctional and I don't trust them anymore. Although that issue is sufficient, I no longer trust them enough to consider staying with them even with a Classic hosting account that was working fine when I left.

@Gooma thank you for reaching out!


The fact that you are stating it always takes longer to load your page first, then any subsequent visits is telling me that this is a caching issue.  You would highly benefit from caching services such as a CDN (content delivery network), and also from running several speed tests on your site, I use, and gtmetrix all the time.  


This is not something wrong with your hosting, your hosting is doing what it is designed to do.  If you look closer, I would be willing to be that the coding itself has a severly small window of expiration dates on all .css, .js scripts loading on the page.  


Here is an article about how to leverage browser caching,  I hope this helps you!  And the way you described the problem made me immediately think of this, although it is hard to be certain.  But please run a test and see what score you get for leveraging browser caching.




William Sullivan

William Sullivan - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Yes, it turns out that the issue is with the caching.  Everything I have read on that explains what is going on.  Testing on my end confirms it.


BTW, your link to the gtmetrix article is broken and results in a 404 - File Not Found.




@Reid, thank you for reaching out!


As every script can be different and load different times for different reasons, I would like to ask if you have ran any speed tests?  The app pool is only a mechanism used by IIS to isolate Web Applications, allowing you to have different configurations (security, resource usage, etc) and preventing misbehaving applications from interfering with other applications.  So if you are having to recycle your app pool every 10 minutes, this may point to something else entirely..  


There are a wide variety of differences on plesk vs older grid hosting plans, including what versions of IIS, ASP.NET, etc.  


I recommend running some tests with, or  Perhaps it may be as simple as leveraging browser caching, some of your scripts may have seriously low expiration dates and they might recommend extending those as to save as cached and not create such long load times.  These sites will actually tell you, in depth, why your site is taking a long time to load.


Hope this helps,

William Sullivan 

William Sullivan - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at
P.S. - If you find my answer helpful, please feel free to give kudos.

I ran the tests. Had the issue verified by a GoDaddy customer service representative. Four different customer service calls. Two different plesk accounts. Ran from machines in Chicago and Texas plus sites that test server response time. 


Incidentally, my tested websites were single page static web pages, virtually a "hello world" in text, nothing else. A customer service guy told me that the recycle time was set to 10 minutes by GoDaddy. I know what that means, do you?