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My Little Admin - MISSING TOOLS

SQL server does not alllow us to shrink database. There is a feature/tool in MyLittleAdmin that lets us do this.
From MyLittleAdmin White paper
Available Tools

The available tools for Plesk Users...
Tools missing... kinda lame...

Kinda lame. I had to make a contact with tech support to shrink database. Why? I could do it myself using available tools.

OH and it can not be done in Management Studio...


I am having the same problem as you except that it pertains to database restore.   The MyLittleAdmin website clearly states that their tool can do this, yet when I look under the tools node in my GD account I only see that New Query node.    The version of MyLittleAdmin installed as part of my hosting plan is 3.8 but I wonder if I need a different version and how to go about getting it?