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MySql configuration "Allow User Variables" and MySqlBulkLoader

HELLO and THANK YOU in advance!


My .Net web application is working in my Godaddy Plesk hosting site. Deletes, Inserts, Selects, and Updates are all working just fine.


When I attempt to use these MySql options, I get errors and compile errors on my Godaddy Plesk hosting.


Any reason why? Did I not compile for MySql right in my bin folder or Web.Config?

If there is a security reason for these, that is OK I'll try to find alternatives. Just need help with what those alternatives could be.


Are both of these related to the same version of MySql?  (I am using MySql.Data, Version= in development and not sure what is being used in Plesk)


  • When I add "Allow User Variables=True;" to my MySql connection string I get the error "keyword not supported" 


  • MySqlBulkLoader is causing Compile Errors 

Compiler Error Message: BC30002: Type 'MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlBulkLoader' is not defined.



Holy Moly!

TL;DR = remove Allow User Variables from your connection string. It is not need or already turned on.

As for the Allow User Variables... it is on by default in Plesk MySql 5.5

That being said, it is removed from the enumeration. SO... you will get an error trying to change something the does not allow to be changed. Even though it is, which you want. 


My development server needed it when variables are not defined.


As for the MySqlBulk. I want to easily import CSV files from users. So more attention needed there.

I know my development workstation is biased. I think it is a connector that I installed at one point in time that may or may not be available in Plesk. 


While I can go row by row in the text file, the INLINE and BulkInsert are amazingly fast.


Anyone with experience importing large data files in MySql with Async task on Plesk?

Put up the Picard facepalm meme.


MysqlBulkLoader is working.


Differences between in Development and Production. One day before release I'll go back and review what the changes were. Right now I am just breathing a sigh of relief.