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Questions about Plesk Settings - Web Hosting Access

In our main control panel for Windows Plesk hosting (it says Websites & Domains at the top) after we click "Show More" there is "Web Hosting Access". If I click on "FTP Access" then for me there is just one user. When I click on that user I seem to get the same page as I get when I click on "Web Hosting Access" from the control panel. That is a little confusing; is there a need for the same thing to be in two places? Perhaps I would understand if I created more FTP users.


Okay, well that is not my main question. My main question is about the "Web Hosting Access" page. The Username, Password and Confirm password fields are confusing. Are they for changing the password? I guess that the main problem is that there are problems with the way they work so when they do not work the way they are intended to work, I can't be sure if it is the way they are supposed to work. For example, I once caused a message to be shown saying that the passwords don't match, but then that message did not go away, even when I knew the passwords matched.


Another problem is that the one username that I already have is apparently used for all domains in the account. Perhaps the management of that one username should be moved someplace else where it is more logical.

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Hi @SamHobbs

I think I might be able to clear up some confusion. The Web Hosting Access page shows information about the entire account and your "System User". That is the primary login for your Plesk account and also the default FTP user for the account. That's why it appears in both lists and why clicking on the user in FTP Access brings you to the other page. It is a special user that can be used for the entire account. That's why it has access to all domains. If you add another FTP user on that page, you can limit what directories it has access to. Also, clicking on the new user will produce a page like this one:


Plesk ftp user.jpg

The password reset fields here are similar to the ones for the System User in Web Hosting Access. They allow you to reset the password for that particular user. 

In regard to the password mismatch error, I think I know what you're referring to. Once a password is entered incorrectly, there is a message that pops up after submitting the change. Because it's not scripted to react in real time, it doesn't go away as soon as you fix the issue. Submitting the change should still go through though if the passwords match. However, it is a little confusing because after clicking submit, the button is grayed out and nothing seems to be happening. I found that after waiting, the page eventually begins to act like it's loading again, and then a notification appears that the settings were successfully updated.  


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Thank you.

The important thing is that there are a few things about that page and such that are confusing. I hope it can be redesigned somehow. If there was just a bit of an explanation added then that would help, there seems to be plenty of room for an explanation.


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