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Run a windows executable in windows hosting go daddy

i have created a virtual directory under my website. then i upload the exe and related files 

and when i try to launch the exe, it says file not found.


why? i am using windows hosting godaddy (plesk)


for example. my website is

i have created a virtual directory called invoice and upload all the files including invoice.exe


then what would be my link like?


when i try:

it says file not found



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Hi @JS2017,


try adding it to your cgi folder...............

hi sir,

i have tried it. but it says document not found when i launch it.


i tried



and even tried:



both giving same error message.


hi sir,

i have tried to put htm file and txt file and xml file. those files can run if i use the link.

it appears as if the exe is not allowed. 

then how can i change the setting to allow executables to run?