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SSL - 302 ERR_CONNECTION_RESET on initial page load causing MAJOR issue with Google Advertising

I have a new Plesk hosted site with SSL. Intermittently, the site throws a 302 error for a brief second before then landing on the site correctly. This is causing Google to suspend our advertising account (they see it as a circumvention/policy violation thinking we are redirecting their users) potentially costing us $THOUSANDS. I chatted for 2 hours last night with GD tech support with no resolution. Since it doesn't happen every time and because it only happens the first time you hit the page (even with a hard refresh, cache clear, in-private window, etc) unless you wait a couple of hours, he wasn't able to see any issue nor provide any resolution.

He said it was a standard thing for SSL redirect to happen, and yes, if the user isn't hitting the https directly I can accept that, but this happens even if you hit the secure URL. There should be no redirect.

This is clearly a hosting issue and it's all over the internet, forums, etc. If there isn't a resolution to this, I'll be taking this site (and the other 36 clients I have on GD servers) elsewhere.