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Using Windows Plesk shared hosting, Application pool recycle at a scheduled time?

We are using Windows Plesk shared hosting.

The dedicated IIS App Pool is set to recycle at 1740 minutes intervals (29 hours) and we can't find a way to change that setting. The result is that each day the site goes down for a few minutes, at a time of the day we cannot control.


We would like to change that to a scheduled recycle during the night (before the 1740 minutes have elapsed).  


Is there a way to accomplish that?

Thanks in advance,



Helper IV

Hi @josemarcenaro


I've done a bit of work with Plesk.  Much more familiar with WHM/cPanel. 


I found this this info on the Parallel's site, does it help?






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Hi SiteDoctor


Thanks for your quick response!

The administration guide you posted does not help me solve this particular issue, but it may be helpful for other purposes - I had no clue about where to start.


Thanks again