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Website Deleted

I had migrated one of my domains on the 24th of November to Plesk as I wanted to use the latest php version. I installed wordpress and had started customizing my website. After that I didnt get a chance for a few days to login to plesk. 

On 13th Dec, automigration of other websites happened to Plesk and now when I check the website that I was working on is not there anymore. Everything is deleted. Its a blunder that GoDaddy has made due to which my entire website is gone.

BTW, I called the help center twice and they put me on hold for more than 20 minutes and never responded thereafter. Just pathetic.

And one of the agents shamelessly said that godaddy will charge 5000/- for giving me the backup of the website that they deleted. How shameful!


Can anyone give me pointers to get the data back?