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Websites down hosted on Plesk account?

All our websites are down from 9 PM IST December 8, 2020. Website names are


Chat with Uma Devi at 11 PM, sneha at 1 AM December 9 and talked to N.Yeshwanth Kumar (ref no. 74834354) at 8 AM. Still websites are down. These are all business websites and can't down for 11 or 12 hours. 

All your agents are replying that it is a known issue and our advanced tech team is working on it. If it is true, where do we get the status update? Is it displayed somewhere on your website?

If the issue is not resolved for more than 12 hours do we have an option to contact a manager?

After 18 hours:
Gagandeep Singh: Thank you so much for the patience. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. As Iam checking there is a known issue going on for it currently with INC4156126 and our team of developers areworking very efficiently on it to resolve it keeping it as high priority. I would request you to please have patienceand wait for the time till it gets resolved. Your patience will be highly appreciated.
3:28, Dec 9
Titus Titus: All these websites are down from 9 PM IST last night. How long do I need to wait?
3:31, Dec 9
Gagandeep Singh: I can understand that this is very important for you but it will hardly take maximum of 12-24hours more to get this known issue resolved I ssusr you it will get resolved and would request you to please waitfor the time frame for it to get complete as our team of dev admins are working very efficiently to fix it wesincerely apologize for the inconvenience it is causing to you 😞