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What do people think of Plesk?

We have recently started to migrate all our websites from CPanel and WHM to Plesk. My experience so far is it certainly has a lot of options and I've had to contact Plesk support more than a few times. So far they have been very helpful. However it is still early days for us yet.

Just by looking at their extensions they seem more advanced than CPanel with the WordPress toolkit and SEO module. Apparently they even support Docker which isn't a huge selling point for us but apparently CPanel doesn't (or not easily).

The only issue we had with the Plesk migration tool is that the SSL certificates didn't come across which is interesting as it wasn't listed among it's limitation on its limitations page. Oh well, we can workaround that.

Just wondered what other people's experience of it and how they feel it stacks up against competitors in managing a sizable number of websites.