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Why do GoDaddy limit me to 2 MSSQL database

Hi all, hoping someone can answer a couple of questions for me.


Do GoDaddy limit my Deluxe Plesk Windows hosting to 2 "200 MB" MSSQL databases because they want us all to use MySQL instead?


If I upgrade my hosting plan will I get more MSSQL databases and more space, as 200 MB is flimsy?


And my last question is are my MySQL databases limited in anyway ie for me to access them?





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Re: Why do GoDaddy limit me to 2 MSSQL database

There are many reasons GoDaddy would limit the amount of resources anywhere from vendor limits, resource availability or service level agreements @Mike12. Different plans have different resource allocation so depending on the plan you choose you can expect more of less resource availability. 


If looking at the details of the hosting plans does not contain enough information for you please call support and they can provide you detailed information. I hope that helps? 


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Re: Why do GoDaddy limit me to 2 MSSQL database