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Windows VPS hosting, plesk down and no root access

I have a gen 4 vps server with GoDaddy and today my client called me to tell me their website is down. I run a .Net Framework web site with MS SQL database.
I installed Plesk to make it "easier" to manage everything.

But now Plesk is down, and my website is down. The server is still up though.
I also cannot restart anything on the server because for some reason I am not admin. And this is NOT a fully managed service.


So far the support team tells me it's because of DNS not propagating.
Plesk crashed and has nothing to do with DNS. wtf


I managed to restart the server from the godaddy dashboard and login.
But i cannot change anything because it says I am not an admin.
But I AM. I AM the ADMIN!!

And now i also cannot log into plesk because it says i'm using the wrong password. 
I've tried changing it about 100 times, but it doesn't work either.

This is going great. 
Godaddy is amazing, really. Everyone should use them



My VPS site went down for the 4th time in 10 days.
And GoDaddy insist is my code or data.

But the errors are very obscure, and not indicating anything specific.

Always shifting the blame.