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excel connection string on plesk hosting

From last week, I found the programmer can not work,which is used to create excel file, this programmer had been used for three years, everything was ok. but from last week, it can not work, can not read excel and update the data.


and I test the connection string, can not work now.  It must be something update, so the plesk hosting, can not support the connection string before.


strConn="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" &TargetFile& ";Extended Properties=Excel 8.0"


this connection string, I have used for three years on godaddy plesk hosting. now it can not work.


So, I need your help. Can you tell me now , how can I read and update the data to excel file. what's the connection string now?


Hey @hxlong912,


Sounds like this may be an account specific issue if the connection string is suddenly incorrectly setup. Have you tried reaching out to our live support as no one here in the community can access your account to review and verify the correct path to your excel file you're trying to connect to.


Let us know what they find.


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