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Advanced Email Security not working

We have a new website through GoDaddy and my business partner and I are trying to access emails that get caught in our 'Quarantine List' - also the email title. It's seems to be an Advanced Email Security feature through GoDaddy. The email comes from Proofpoint Essentials (address: When I click on any of the links - sign in to your account, preview, release, release and approve - for any of the emails caught in this spam/quarantine list, my internet browser opens and then after about 10-20 seconds, it says the connection has timed out. This happens with every link, every time. When I follow the GoDaddy instructions online, to sign into the Advanced Email Security to sort this out, that link does not work either, same result. Anyone experienced this too? Any solution? Thanks in advance, J


Same issue here.  It seems to be an issue with the infrastructure that runs the Proofpoint service.  On everything other than my Windows 10 machine I get "Invalid SSL Cipher", am not optimistic for a quick fix.  I might try and explicitly allow that dodgy cipher (despite the risk involved) on my Mac purely so that I can release emails using it.  Don't suppose you've had any luck getting around the issue?