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Hi All, I am a beginner for website. I plan to buy a website from Flippa, the site is register at GODADDY.COM

Got few question wanted to ask,


How would i know that website is already sold to me after i paid for the web?

Is there anything i should receive?

Is it possible that the buyer suddenly quietly take back the website after few month without i notice ?

What should i do after i bought the site?

Need someone to answer it. Please help,


Former Employee

Since flippa is a domain auction website they handle the secure transaction. This ensures the buyer and seller are protected against fraud. You should already have an account with us. Flippa will give the necessary instructions to handle the domain move if the domain is already registered with us. Once you have the domain in your GoDaddy account you would want to call into our support to talk with an online consultant about the best options going forward, for example plans for building your website, professional domain based email, etc. Hopefully this helps!